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Hangzhou Haiyu Machinery Co., Ltd.

Our company was founded in 1988. After continuous technology integration, in 2003, it was officially renamed Hangzhou Haiyu Machinery Co., Ltd. After nearly 30 years of research and trial, our company has rich production experience, exquisite technical craftsmanship, and various series of The products are well received by domestic and foreign customers.Now the company has self-operated import and export rights, and its products are exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other countries.

The company mainly produces NS and SU series self-priming pumps, high-pressure sprinkler pumps, drip irrigation pumps, etc., as well as external processing supporting facilities for aluminum casting workshops and iron casting workshops. The products produced by our company are characterized by perfect shapes, high standards of quality, and first-class services. , deeply praised by users at home and abroad.

We look forward to sincere cooperation and common development with new and old customers at home and abroad.
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